SCAI Migration Analysis Suite

The latest highlight of our enterprise is , a tool unique in Germany, to assist you in planning, executing and managing the migration from Microsoft Office™ to StarOffice™.

  • Make an inventory of your documents by using
  • Analyze Microsoft Office™ documents with to identify possible risks and critical issues that might occure during the conversion to StarOffice™
  • Calculate your migration costs with
    • Analyze existing VBA code and calculate reengineering costs
    • Analyze your existing MS-Office documents for critical issues and calculate costs for elimination
  • Automatize the conversion or archiving process for Microsoft Office™ documents with


For download follow the steps below.

Step 1:
Request your Trial-Key here:

Follow Step 2 to get the new v1.5.x version.

Step 2 :
You can download the new version by using the following link:

Important functions and improvements of the current version:

  • Encryption of all sensitive organisation data within
  • Discovering all interfaces connected to MS-Office, using OLE automation
  • Support for StarOffice Migration Tools v0.1.0503
  • Scripting : Using the MASController interface you can now automate from VB, VBScript, Delphi, C and so on. Add workstations and tasks from your favorite programming environment. Using VBScript you only need a text editor and there you go. Samples included!
  • Office Template Highlighter for Microsoft Office 97™
    The Office Template Highlighter now supports Microsoft Office 97™! Now also Microsoft Office 97™ can be traced and "de-facto-templates" get reported to the database!
  • Multi-threading analysis and file detection utilizing the full power of multi cpu systems
  • Invocation of Password removal tool to analyze and convert password protected documents
  • Support for SAP DB v7.4
  • Manage logons in a table
  • Optimized for large environments
    • Removed bottlenecks
    • Optimized query statements
    • Offering different query strategies when evaluating results (File Administration screen)
    • More optimizations depending on the used database system (Oracle™ and SAP DB™)
  • New layout of File Administration for better visualization
  • Enhanced custom reports
    • Import / Export of custom report definitions
    • Sub reports / sub queries
  • Export of report results
    • PDF, RTF, HTML, XLS, TIFF, BMP, JPG, and more
  • New statistics module
    • Containing currently two sheets for high level analysis result overview
    • Export to XLS (yes, we are working on a native *.sxc export :) )
  • Apache Webserver no longer needed by replacing CGI application with SOAP based webservice
  • Optimized invocation of the Office Template Highlighter (OTH)
    • By using a webservice, more complex business rules are applied to data sent from the OTH before posting to the database
  • End User Client which enables end users to acess the SCAI MAS® database, without installing any libraries on the client side. The access is solved via SOAP

The End User Client resides in a sub directory EndUserClient of the SCAI MAS® application directory after the installation. Users only need to have read access to the application files.

Feedback on bugs and enhancement requests would be greatly appreciated. Please send an eMail to

Analyzing Microsoft Office™ documents with requires the Sun StarOffice™ Migration Tools. These tools are not part of the license. Since as of now the Sun StarOffice™ Migration Tools will be available for everyone with Sun StarOffice™ 8, you can use with support of a Sun StarOffice™ Migration Partner. As a Sun StarOffice™ Migration Partner we would be pleased, to support you in your migration project.


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